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Unique Roof & Wall Coatings is your trusted professional painting, roofing, waterproofing, damp proofing and guttering service provider, established in 1996.

Unique Roof & Wall Coatings has branches in Johannesburg and Pretoria and provides professional contractor services for both commercial and residential buildings within Gauteng. We also offer a free assessment and estimate service for homes within the Gauteng province.

We offer roof coatings for all types of roofs, as well as coatings for ceilings, interior and exterior walls.

Our roofing and roof repair offering includes repairs to all types of roof structures such as IBR, corrugated iron or zinc roofs, tiled roofs and concrete roof surfaces.

We provide seamless guttering solutions, fascia's, barge boards and roof buddies. All our gutters are maintenance free and pre-painted and have an aluminium weather barrier.

All painting, repairs and installations are done under qualified supervision.

We pride ourselves by delivering quality products and services which is why all our wall and roof coatings come with a 7-15 year guarantee and are backed up by our suppliers. In addition, all our roof and wall coatings are done under qualified supervision. Our guttering solutions come with a 20 year written guarantee and 10 year workmanship guarantee.

Cost effectiveness is one of the many benefits of using Unique Roof & Wall Coatings.

We pride ourselves by providing only the highest quality products and services.

Roof & Wall Coatings – 7-15 years + supplier backup guarantee.

Guttering – 20 year written + 10 year workmanship.

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